British Woman Who Does It By The Ruler

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Not many women can claim they raised five children while at the same time running a successful sportswear manufacturing operation in one of the world’s most challenging environments for almost 30 years. Sara Hanna is one of those. She shares her story with The London Economic’s Noy Shani in an exclusive interview.

TLC Sport - Fortuna 50

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tlc sport letter david cameron fortuna 50We are thrilled to be listed in the Fortuna 50 Index of the UK’s fastest growing female-led small businesses thanks to our MD, Sara Hanna.

Sports Bra Guide: Find your perfect fit

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Shock Absorber Bra - Buy from TLC Sport

As most woman are aware, sports bra’s are vital for a successful workout, like a good pair of trainers is for running.
Read our guide to find your perfect fit.


Proud Sponsors of Lizzy Racing

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      We are proud to announce that we are now sponsoring Lizzy Racing. Her objective is simple: The 2015 MINI             TRANSAT - A race across the Atlantic in a boat only 6.5m long!

Best Fitness Drinks

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