This is what TLC is all about; real life women taking on the world. 

Lindsey Swift, 26, is a size 18 keen runner, who gained notority when she publicly penned an open letter to a white-van man who mocked her weight while she was out running one day. Through Facebook, the post was shared over 3000 times and brought together many women who had experienced this type of 'fat-shaming' themselves and encouraged them to ignore the hecklers and keep on enjoying getting fit. 

A spokesperson for Womens' Running magazine said 'Having a plus-sized lady and real life runner on the cover of the magazine is a first. In doing so we are sending out a message that any woman, regardless of their size, should feel comfortable about running without fear of being judged.'

It's not the first time Womens Running have had a plus-sized cover girl; Augusts Issue featured American Erica Schenk. 

We think it's a huge move forward for the fitness industry to focus on real life goals and challenges, and that exercise and fitness should be committed to in order to make you feel good, inside and out.

Here at TLC we are all about celebrating women, REAL women who exercise for themselves, and we say go girl!


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Telling it like it is, Lindsey, we love it!