We're taking a look at fitness fashion in your thirties, forties and fifties and how it changes as you age. So read on to discover what your age group, says about your style.

When you hit your 30s you tend to be a bit more confident when it comes to risk taking with fitness fashion and are more likely to  experiment with bold, prints and patterns.  The has become evident in the slew sportswear brands really focussing on adding colour and vibrant prints to their collections, and this works well for the 30 something female. The thirty something lady, who works out, will also probably not be afraid to show off her body and wear tight-style leggings or ‘booty shorts’ in the gym. If she is really confident and, and has been doing her sit ups, she will have no problem showing off her trim midriff and rocking a crop top.  She will probably be into her trainers big time, any old label won't do, it will have to be the hottest shoe out there that matches her outfit.

Now a forty something female, these days, is not the same specimen that you might have come across 20 years ago because she looks damn good – think Kate Moss, Davina McCall and Amanda Holden to name a few!!  She has a bit more disposable income to hand and she knows that she has to work that bit harder to keep her body tighter but still wants to look good in the gym doing it.  Her main concerns when it comes to body issues are probably tummy and arms not being as toned as they used to be.  As a result, women result tend to look for fitwear that flatters her shape and has a fashion edge and can perform too in the technical sense too.

Pieces with hidden waist bands to hold that extra tummy-spillage and four-way stretch is a must, especially if she has has children recently.  Cropped leggings in black with some subtle detail like mesh is flattering for the forty something that doesn’t want to wear a very tight trend-led leggings but still wants to look fashionable. The 40 something lady loves the whole athleisure trend she wants to look fab outside of the gym too. Who doesn’t?

By the time you get to your fifties you know what does and doesn’t work for your body and some of the body concerns you had in your forties may still be present, and even magnified. You’ll probably want to cover up at bit more but that doesn’t mean that fashion should go out of the window. If you are self-conscious about your arms then the trick is to go for a layered look, so slouch tee over a tank or a tee with cap sleeves so you keep the tops of your arms covered.  Lounge wear is perfect for this age group as they don’t show every single lump and bump and haven’t skimped on quality by using cotton. Their pieces are beautifully cut and don’t scream I-stole-this-from-my-daughters -wardrobe.

Freshen up your look with accents of colour in your gym wear or a new pair of trainers that can really take you outfit out of the dulldrums. Age really doesn’t mean a thing and with people living longer and looking younger you can still add fashion elements to your workout wardrobe way into your fifties.