1. Quality Workout Clothes - Without good workout clothes, it can make a could be great workout turn to a poor one. If you don't feel good in what you wear, it can really effect your confidence which then in turn affects your workout! If you feel and look great, your more likely to work hard and push yourself more! We definitely recommend our Slim Collection - Making you look 1 size smaller and holding everything in place, with quality fit and feel, you will always feel confident with TLC Sport! Have a look at our Slim collection here.

2. Water Bottle - This may be a no brainer for most of you, but its one of the most important items you should have in your bag. It means you will always be able to refill and hydrate at the gym and on the go and it is much more eco friendly and cheaper than constantly buying a plastic bottle!

3. Gym Towel  - Sweat dripping down your forehead and getting into your eyes whilst working out is never a good look, neither is sliding around on the yoga mat due to sweaty hands. Avoid these awful occurrences by keeping a towel in your gym bag. We recommend our 'TLC Sweat Towel.' Make sure you wash it often though!

4. Dry Shampoo - No time to shower after a workout or not got shower facilities? Dry shampoo is a hair saver making it easy to transition from workout to work, couple of sprays and you could have a chic topknot or glam high pony!

5. Extra Tank Top - A nice fresh new top will always be welcomed if you walk out of the gym or class to a text for a late lunch or catch up coffee! We recommend Reversible T-Back Top for a top that is versatile, being able to take you from gym to lunch and then back home again!

6. Music - Whats a workout without a good workout playlist? We would be lost without our iPods in the gym and keeping motivated whilst running is always a little easier when you have great tunes blasting in your ears and keeping you in the zone. We made a exclusive TLC Sport Playlist to give you that extra boost when you need it most, check it out here

7. Baby wipes and deodorant - Need to freshen up on the go? This duo is your new best friend for wiping away sweat and staying fresh all day! Baby wipes can also double up as face wipes on the go too so it really is the dream team.

8. Energy Bar - Make sure you avoid the Hangry (state of anger cause by hunger!) by packing healthy snacks to fuel your body post workout! We love fruit, smoothies and proteins bars for quick on the go snacks!

9. Quality Earphones - When working out, you want to have great quality sound! We love having bluetooth headphones making sure we don't drop our iPods or get the wires tangled up in the machines! You can get really great quality bluetooth headphones and earphones online!

10. Lip Balm - Lip balm is always a necessity pre and post workout to help keep your lips hydrated. Working out with dry lips never feels good and its not a thing you can exactly borrow from your locker room neighbour.