Pamela Relph (MBE) is a double Paralympic Champion, 4x World Rowing Champion, World Record holder and remains undefeated in international competition. She was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis at a young age, with the condition manifesting itself in the degeneration in her joints. Her wrist bones fused together whilst Pam was growing and as a result she has limited function and strength in her hand and wrist. 

Nonetheless Pam has shown great strength, determination and commitment to her sport, striving to become the best. And boy, has she done her self proud! Pam has fought at every stage in to become the success she is today. She truly is an inspiration to all women in sport and we are very proud to be have her as a Brand Ambassador. After acheiving ANOTHER Gold Medal at Rio 16, we catch up with our GB Paralympian to find out what makes her tick. Pam and her four team mates won the Gold Medal at Rio's Paralympic Mixed Coxed Fours Rowing. For the second time. Oh.. And she has an MBE by the way.

   What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
   Knowing that I am always capable of more. I constantly push myself and strive for improvement. I want to do more    and change perceptions of sports amongst the disabled, whatever their disability may be.

   Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
   I’d hope to have a family by then. Personal Training qualification, working within sport. I’d love to work with    children, the elderly and disabled in sport and help inspire those that may find sport more
   challenging. No competition, fun, enjoying being active.

   Will you compete in 2020?
    I’m not ruling it out...

   What other sports do you enjoy taking part in besides rowing?
    I love road biking and running.

   What’s your best tip to stay in shape?
    Do an exercise that you really enjoy. Then it doesn’t feel like exercise.

   Can you give us a practical fitness tip to help improve our work outs?
    Watch your form! Take it all slower to make sure your form is right to make the most out of each move.

   What’s your favourite exercise?
    I love lifting. My favourite is called a ‘Snatch’ – where you lift from the floor, it’s great for the core. I lift 40 kilos.

What’s the most effective way to lose weight in your opinion?
For a short period of time, it might help to cut out carbohydrates from your diet completely, but be sure not to avoid fat.

What do you typically eat for breakfast when you are training?
4 scrambled eggs, butter, turmeric and an avocado. Mmm yum!

What do you eat every day without fail?
Kale and almonds. They’re incredibly nutritious.

What kind of trainers do you wear to keep your feet safe and supported?
I won’t lie, I have worn cheap trainers in the past and found they barely lasted 8 months, and I ended up with knee issues. So now I take more care in choose more sturfy trainers, you’ve got one body and you need to look after it. Now I wear Ryka trainers in the gym. They are a female brand, designing all their trainers to the form of the female foot. I really do feel supported when wearing them and have had no issues since doing so. 


What’s your favourite sports bra?
I have to be weary of tan lines when I’m rowing so I love bras with a thin strap. My current favourite is TLC’s Reversible Bra.

What are your favourite leggings?
I love TLC’s Reflective Bottom Leggings, they’re a real statement piece and the reflective aspect keeps me safe when I’m walking or running at night. Everybody asks about them when I’ve got them on!

What’s your favourite fruit?
Has to be blueberries – they’re a superfood!

How much sleep do you need when you’re training?
I have to sleep for 10 hours a day when training. I like to wake up naturally and not to an alarm. So it’s an 8/8:30 bed time for me! I typically wake up at around  6/6:30 to start training at 7:30. But Thursdays day off, I can lie in then!

What does it feel like winning a Gold Medal?
Winning in Rio was so so special because it was the culmination of 4 years of hard work and I felt that me and my team really produced our absolute best on the day.

When you feel like you can’t keep going, what keeps you strong?
When training is hard and I don't feel like I want to get out of bed, the thing that keeps me strong is the idea that I am not just doing this for me, I am doing it for everyone - my friends and family who have been there and supported me from day 1, my sponsors and supporters without whom I couldn't commit my entire life to my sport and also the general public who scream and shout at the TV. 

How did you celebrate your win?
I had lots of family and friends out in Rio watching me and it was great to be able to chill out with them for a few days after racing. We sat on the beach, drank some cocktails and ate amazing Brazilian street food. Perfect! 

What went through your head as crossed the finish line?
I felt so confident before the Paralympics that we had what it takes to win another gold and when that happened I was so happy! I just felt totally content that we had done the job and done it well. 

Interview wih Pamela Relph MBE 29.09.2016. For more information about Pam, take a look at our last blog by clicking here. If you have any questions for Pam then please feel free to e-mail them to and we will do our best to get them answered for you!