These little video clips were taken way back in 1984 in Cairo,  where I was living at the time! Yes…. quite a while ago and I was about 20 odd!  At the time, our latest family acquisition was a video camera and it was as big as a microwave oven!

So we have uploaded a few snap shots of my teaching, these unfortunately are full of bottoms and quite take my breath away watching them! Had I realized at the time, that we would be viewing them online some 30 years later, I may have taken a few more precautions and advice on how to do it properly. Remember, we had no Internet, no emails, let alone facebook, twitter and all the rest of social media, yet we managed quite well spreading the fitness word. At the time VHS had revolutionized our lives,  we could tape our favorite TV programmes directly from the telly.  Jane Fonda was our only Fitness Guru and we were all starting to clamor to classes. Pretty grass roots  I can assure you. 

What they do show,  is that I was as passionate about fitness then, as I am now.  At the time I truly remember my only focus was to teach it and spread the fitness word. I loved sharing the knowledge and seeing the smiles on my clients faces, watching and helping them to get fit, more importantly I saw first hand how  it changed their lives.  I'm so touched that a few of my first clients became good friends and continued their passion of fitness and subsequently decided to take it up as a career.

My Fitness Centre was called Valentines in Heliopolis, a suburb of Cairo and it took off the minute we opened the doors on Oct 7th 1984.  I was trained in the USA by IDEA at the time, this was The International Dance & Exercise Association that was run by Kathy and Peter Davies, the largest teacher training organization in the USA back in the 80's. 

And another one.. sorry so many bottoms, thank goodness we cant match bottoms to faces very well-

My fitness centre was open 6 days a week except Fridays.  Initially for the first couple of years  I taught all the classes myself, which totalled 28, I fully participated in every single class with my clients and enjoyed every single minute.  I can remember going to bed with numb arms and shoulders and very sore feet. Shoe technology did improve over the years.  I trained many local teachers and know four who still teach today. 

From these first original videos, of the around 12  women in our class, 4 became Fitness Instructors  and the youngest Amany (about 16yrs old at the time)  has Rola and Ruby still teaching with her in her Fitness Studio called Bodyworx in Almaza, Cairo. A fabulous set up and so on-trend.

 Shortly, I hope to be getting together with Amany Rola and Ruby and upload a clip of us all working out together …..32 years on.

Watch this space!