Winter Kit Sorted

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Winter has arrived and you need to be ready to face the elements with a winter- ready workout wardrobe that can still help you perform despite the harsh conditions. Gone are the days where you’d have to go outside in a big old jumper to train or banish your workout to the treadmill or a warm gym. Technology has moved on in activewear and with the right kit you can continue your workout outside when the temperature dips. Below are our top five fitness fashion picks and tips for getting your winter kit sorted!


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Our mother/daughter duo, Charlotte & Sara have been featured in Image Magazine, where they share their experience on living and working together in order to bring you quality sportswear which stands the test of time. Ruth Supple found out why fitness is a way of life for the enterprising pair.

Sara & Charlotte feature in The Sunday Times

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Read about our Managing Director, Sara, and her daughter, Charlotte, and how they work together as part of a unique partnership to bring you quality, stylish sportswear in an article featured in The Sunday Times.

TLC Sport - New & Improved.

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2015 signifies the year of change for TLC Sport. After 25 years of bringing you quality sportswear with a difference, we have undergone an exciting new re-brand! We felt it was time to hit refresh and offer something new.

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