Winter has arrived and you need to be ready to face the elements with a winter- ready workout wardrobe that can still help you perform despite the harsh conditions. Gone are the days where you’d have to go outside in a big old jumper to train or banish your workout to the treadmill or a warm gym.  Technology has moved on in activewear and with the right kit you can continue your workout outside once the temperature dips. Below are my top  five fitness fashion picks and tips for getting your winter kit sorted!

1.On cold days it is reported that you’ll lose 10% of heat from your head so you need to keep it covered with a hat like a beanie of a baseball cap.  Our hands are an area that are often neglected too, when we start thinking about what to wear in winter – a good pair of light gloves go a long way to keep our hands warm.

2. We mustn’t forget our feet too during the cold and socks are probably the one piece of base layer you wear everyday of the year so make sure you invest in a good pair that will wick away sweat and keep your feet dry.  Waterproof socks are good as they still allow your feet to breathe and ensure that there are no more soggy toes when you land in a puddle during a run or workout  

3. When it comes to keeping our upper bodies warm you need to make like an onion and layer. This, according to TLCs head designer Sara Hanna, ‘helps to aid the regulation of body temperature’ by trapping in the heat and allowing sweat to move through layers of clothing thus not sticking to you. A good base layer and an insulating layer are a must for keeping you warm whilst training. Choose from our range of base layers by clicking here.

4.That’s layer one and two sorted but you will still need a wind and water protective layer should you plan to train in the rain, sleet or snow.  There are loads of waterproof jackets out there that will get the job done. Also, given the drop in light, it's important to make sure you stay safe and seen. Reflective peices are a must during this season. We offer a varity of peices here. It’s not only a fun and fashionable range (style need not suffer in winter ladies), but its unqiue print is ideal for outdoor exercise as well as in the gym.  

5.  Your legs generate a lot of heat on their own so don’t need as many layers as your upper body. There are a huge range of winter running leggings out there for you to choose from,  we recommend a black basic legging like our Reflective Leggings that come with key features such, fast drying functional fabric with an elasticated waist, zipped key pocket at the back, zips at the hems, reflective trims at the sides and brushed thermal insulation on the inside to keep the chill at bay.

If it gets really cold or you are an instructor that teaches classes outside, you might want to add an extra layer such as a windproof track pant which are waterproof and  come with side zips thay make it easier to pull over your running tights or leggings.