About Us

Sara and Charlotte

Last year signified the ‘Year Of Change’ for TLC. This year, it’s the ‘Year of Progression’. 2015 was very successful, from featuring in the Sunday Times to being included in the Fortuna 50 Index, and we are very excited about what this year will bring. 

My daughter, Charlotte, and I have worked very closely this year, fusing our ideas together in order to make 2016 our sharpest, boldest and most vibrant collection to date.

In the age where “athleisurewear” is the norm, and trainers are now a key fashion piece of any wardrobe, high street sportswear is becoming less inspiring, predictable and generic. Attention to detail is overlooked whilst quality is compromised in favour of price.

Well not here. Not only do we want to provide you with flattering sportswear you can trust over and over again, we want to give you clothing you are proud to wear - we want to offer you something different. In the Spring 2016 Collection you’ll find statement cuts, colourful combinations, reflective prints, reversible luxe fabrics and edgy designs. You’ll also notice the subtle incorporation of our new logo which we are very pleased to showcase.

We’ve gone from strength to strength and we’re pleased to share with you that our team is growing, both at home and abroad. We’ve been working closely with new members to expand our social media awareness. I want to get to know you and understand what you value, so please join us online for conversations, competitions and exclusive offers. I’d love you take part in the #MeinTLC campaign, which involves you taking a picture of yourself in our gear and uploading it to Social Media using the hashtag - we’ll even give you 10% off as a thank you!

TLC takes every step herself, from choosing specially selected fabrics, to creating new and exciting ways to wear your sportswear She breaks through the sportswear barriers by creating truly innovative pieces that are multi functional, durable, cutting edge and totally exclusive. You are the women who inspire me to break the norm in order to provide you with something genuinely exceptional. It’s my pleasure to give you more than you expect. I love to surprise you, and this year, especially, is full of surprises.

So take a good look and be prepared to get noticed over and over, because the Spring 2016 Collection is your luxury for less!

Sara X