About Us

Sara and Charlotte

The seeds of TLC Sport were sown back in 1982 when Sara, started teaching aerobic fitness to an enthusiastic group of both local and ex-pat women in Cairo; the numbers grew quickly as Sara’s unique and innovative style appealed to all women from all walks of life. 


With a few sewing machines and stretch fabric from local suppliers, Sara began creating her own leotards and sport outfits. Word soon spread and her designs became increasingly popular, so she set her up her own small factory underneath her fitness studio in Heliopolis to manufacture her designs for her clients in 1986. In 1989 Sara and her family moved back to the UK and The Leotard Company was born.


The factory then moved to an industrial zone employing local machinists, and in 1998  The Leotard Company became TLC Sport and Sara was designing and manufacturing not only her own lines but ranges for fitness industry giants, such as Les Mills’ International Body Training System ranges, Virgin Active Gyms and Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness. Her Collections were sold through her own catalogues, and subsequently online.


Over the years, TLC Sport has made herself known as an exclusive Designer Women’s Sportswear Company offering a huge range of sportswear and leisurewear. Now lead by a mother and daughter duo, TLC is a family run business, manufacturing all their designs with a close knit team of directly employed labour.  This allows them to be responsive to the demands of an ever changing, dynamic market whilst maintaining quality. 


TLC understand that women are becoming much more savvy in the way they choose to shop; expecting much more for their money than they ever have done. Women want a higher standard of quality, a larger range of styles, a better fit but crucially, they want it at the right price. TLC always get straight to the point and go to great lengths to provide clothing which exceeds and raises expectations, at an affordable price. With a long standing reputation within the fitness industry for stylish, quality and durable sports clothing.


Together Charlotte and Sara have championed raising the quality and reducing the price during tough economic times both at home and abroad.  Cairo has brought new a range of unexpected challenges but together they have worked through many difficult situations and concentrated on the job in hand.  It is very important to both Sara and Charlotte that good fitness and leisurewear should be; Affordable, Accessible, Available - they call they this their Triple A rating!

The TLC mission is to empower women through building confidence in how they look and feel. To provide cutting edge clothing which exceeds all expectations with regards to quality, price, choice and fit, in order to promote fitness and exercise. 


TLC takes every step herself, from choosing specially selected fabrics, to creating new and exciting ways to wear your sportswear She breaks through the sportswear barriers by creating truly innovative pieces that are multi functional, durable, cutting edge and totally exclusive. You are the women who inspire Sara to break the norm in order to provide you with something genuinely exceptional. It’s her pleasure to give you more than you expect. 


So take a good look and be prepared to get noticed over and over, because TLC Sport is your luxury for less!