“We know the names of the men of who spun our bespoke fabrics, we even know the childrens' names of the ladies who stitched our seams, we know the dreams of the women who picked your order and lovingly wrapped it and we know how important it is to work as a team. We know what it means to be made with love, because we are not just a business, we are a family.”
Sara Hanna, Founder


We craft each original  design in our own factory in Cairo, taking care to perfect the fit whilst paying close attention to the detail. We indulge in the creative process, adding functional, practical features to our clothing in order to ensure her needs are catered for. Innovation is key; it drives us to create collections which truly surprise and delight. We constantly invent and develop new, exciting fabrics that satisfy our customers everyday.

We are committed to the roots of our family business. Sara has created a brand with global demand and reach, as we now lead business development across the UK, Europe and the States. Bringing those who work with us into our family, we foster a shared sense of success in all our employees. Today Charlotte serves as the inspiration to build her mother’s legacy, and ensure it stands the test of time.

We are a British brand and work hard in order to control our own direct supply chain. We know our machinists, our pattern makers and our cutters personally,  because we take great care to hire them ourselves, safeguarding our reputation and our quality. We use local suppliers, local workers, and local fabrics to build our sustainable brand, and we support and encourage our staff to think openly about our processes with the intention to constantly adapt to and improve today’s fast paced and demanding retail climate. We are a passionate, established and essential piece of the urban fabric around us and maintain an untouchable loyalty to the highly skilled workforce we call family.



Unrivalled attention to detail

We develop our own exclusive fabrics

A natural feel for fits and shapes

A focus on durable, practical and useful clothing



A commitment to our roots as a family business

A desire to build something that truly lasts

A vision of global expansion to create a better future



A focus on local fabric sourcing

A dedication to sustainable manufacturing

An allegiance to highly skilled workers

An acknowledgement of our impact on the world



An addiction to going beyond expectations

A commitment to quality

A love of delighting our customers

An appreciation for the process



A commitment to go the extra mile for our customers

An openness to listen to her and her needs

An investment into our employees and their futures




When we call ourselves a family business, we mean it. Sara and her daughter Charlotte manage every aspect, from design and construction all the way through to customer care and fulfilment.
Why? Because they care - not just about our product, but about the entire experience you have with us. We run our own manufacturing set-up to nurture an ethos and culture that we are proud to be a part of. Our people are not just our employees, they are our family. We know each and every member of our team personally and look after them through various out-reach programmes.


Mo is one of our highly skilled over-lockers. He ensures that all of our products last wash after wash. Featuring our four thread safety stitching, our seams are engineered to withstand the pressures of daily wear.

Our fabrics are heavy and high stretch - therefore it takes a very steady, skilled hand to master the art of producing TLC garments to our signature standard.

Ahmed often inputs at the design stage, to help us ensure we create products which truly stand the test of time.


Ahmed is an integral part of our close knit team. He is our pattern cutter - responsible for ensuring that all our garments fit and support your body perfectly.
Ahmed brings our creations to life.
You'll often find him around the cutting table, speaking to lead cutters to ensure his patterns are executed with the greatest of care. Fit is everything, without great fits we simply wouldn't be the brand we are today, and this pattern making stage is of crucial importance to that.
Ahmed initially accepted a temporary position with us, however.. That was ten years ago.


Madam Fathaya is the longest serving member of our team, with us now for 28 years she is one of our most skilled machinists. Many machinists specialise in one particular stitch, however Madam Fathaya can master all of them. This means, that she has almost certainly been a part of the construction of every single item we make. Isn't that wonderful?
Incase you're wondering, we call her Madam because she's one of our eldest and most respected team members.