As part of our Earth Day Celebrations, TLC is delighted to now offer Free Legging Repairs.

At TLC, we pride ourselves on offering ethically and sustainably made gym leggings, perfect for sports or leisure, made form our bespoke fabrics, to our trademark high standards. We make all of our own products, in our own factory where we can ensure and monitor the quality and durability of our products, so that you get the most out of them for the years to follow.

We know our products stand the test of time, often withstanding heavy wear for years and year. However, sometimes, they might need a little help after a few years which is why we're thrilled to offer our Free Repair Service.

From now on, we will repair any customer's leggings for free, ensuring that our products are worn for as long as possible, and contributing to more circular production practices.

"At TLC, we take sustainability seriously," says Sara Hanna, founder and CEO of TLC.  "We know that clothing production has a huge impact on the environment, and we believe that it's our responsibility to reduce that impact in any way we can. That's why we're offering free legging repairs to our customers - to ensure that our products are used for as long as possible, and to promote circular production."

To take advantage of this offer, customers can simply contact our helpful and friendly customer service team and arrange to send in their leggings for repair. Once the repair is complete, we'll send the leggings back to the customer free of charge. This initiative is just one of the many ways that we are  committed to sustainability.

From our use of ethically sourced materials to our commitment to cleaner  production practices, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.